Marine Civil Contractors Pty Ltd (MCC) is a family owned company formed in 1999 as Utinium Pty Ltd, by Horse Jackson. Horse has worked the Queensland coast most his life as a fisherman, charter and work boat operator and master of sea going dredges, tugs and barges.

Robert Jackson has worked with various companies as a deckhand, coxswain and floating piling operator getting further practical experience before becoming a commercial diver (ADAS Part 3). Father and son joined forces and expanded the scope of works undertaken, employing personnel from divers through to dredge operators whilst evolving the business into MCC.

MCC has a very impressive inventory of commercial diving equipment, lift bags, submersible pontoons, barges, workboats, pumps, winches and lifting gear. MCC has an aircraft ready dive spread for rapid deployment (emergency work) to remote areas. MCC boasts a large inventory of vessels including a steel tug, landing barge, numerous work boats, work punts, general runabouts, small floating excavator, sectional barges, work pontoons, catamaran barge. Other plant includes a four wheel drive 7 tonne truck with a 2 tonne crane and 10 tonne winch, a 35 tonne crawler crane as well as deck cranes, frames and various hydraulic and diesel winches.

MCC's fleet of highly mobile plant which is mostly road transportable,enables the provision of prompt service anywhere, at any time.